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What is Exercise Intensity?

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Exercise intensity is the measure of how hard an exercise is for an individual, usually set according to a person's health status and exercise goals. In general, the intensity is classified as low, medium and high.

Australia's Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines suggested that an individual, male or female, should set a target to engage in physical activities for at least 30 mins, on almost every day to maintain optimum physical health. The activities should be "somewhat hard, but not too hard". Aside from the time spent exercising, the person should reduce the length of time spent sitting.

Before a person engages in any kind of training, especially for those who have known health issues, it is important to undergo a pre-training assessment to predict the possible risk of exercise and suitable training goals. Through this assessment, the exercise specialist in charge would determine the suitable and safe intensity at which the said person should exercise, according to the physical fitness and health status.

Talk to our exercise specialists and determine the best exercise intensity for your health status and fitness goal via online consultation by clicking on this link.

Generally, there are three ways that can be used to determine the best-suited intensity to achieve your exercise goals. These three ways are:

  • Target heart rate

  • Talk Test

  • Rating of perceived exertion

These tests will be introduced to you in more detail in separate blog posts. For any inquiries, you are welcomed to leave your comments below or directly talk to us through the messaging feature on this website. You may also click on this link to arrange an online consultation with our exercise specialists.

Wan Nurul Islamiah Wan Ahmad

Physiotherapist, Clinical Exercise Physiologist, Best Care Physiotherapy

MSc Clinical Exercise Science (USM)

BSc Physiotherapy (Honors) (UIAM)

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