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Welcome to Telehealth Circle! We are glad you found us.
And here's why.

Quality Meets Affordability.
You can now receive convenient and effective healthcare from the comfort of your own home with our highly affordable pricing - from as low as MYR 50.

Secure & Quick Access.
Our Telehealth platform allows you to connect with a healthcare provider through a secure video conference or over the phone, eliminating the need for in-person visits.

Consultation & Treatment Plans 
With Telehealth Circle, you can receive care for a wide range of medical concerns, from acute conditions to chronic disease management.

Schedule an appointment with one of our healthcare providers today and start taking control of your health. 

Simply the better option.

Get yourself a proper assessment done online with our certified medical experts. Hassle free experience with an initial response guaranteed within 24 hours max using either options below.


Talk to our Telehealth Guide at no cost to learn more on which type of health consultant is suitable for you. 

Head to our
HealthCheck Hub and select the issues you are experiencing. Fill in the Health Declaration & the Initial Consultation Registration Form.  Continue to select your preferred Consultant and make your payment for the Consultation Fee.
We will contact you within 24 hours maximum to provide you details of your session.


Experience the Circle.

In Telehealth Circle, we believe in a holistic healthcare approach for everyone. Telehealth Circle finally brings you the complete and integrated concept of Bio-Psycho Social Spiritual to provide you with an all-inclusive care that aims to treat more than just the body. Let your true process of healing begin today with us. 

Cardiac & Respiratory Conditions.

Post Accident/Surgical Rehabilitation.

Cancer & Terminal Disease Management.

Musculoskeletal Disease & Disorders.


Online Group Exercise & Classes.

Neurological Disease & Disorders.

Non-Communicable Diseases Management.

obesity (1).png

Obesity & Weight Loss Management.


Paediatric & Child Wellness.

depression (1).png

Mental Health & Well - Being Therapy.

Spiritual Guidance Counsellors.

Our list of online healthcare services and conditions we treat is expanding as the demand for virtual healthcare & wellness grows. Check out our entire list of conditions and treatment options we provide at Telehealth Circle.

Learn more about the Circle Experience and find out how our holistic brand of healthcare can change your perception of healing.


Geriatric & Elderly Specialised Care.


Medical services at your fingertip. Made easy with Telehealth Circle.

Telehealth Circle brings the facilities of modern healthcare straight to the comfort of your home. While most online health consultations and treatment options are fragmented, we believe in a simple, unified and holistic approach to any medical problems you may be facing. 

With a simple and easy method to follow, we can guarantee your registration can be completed under 15 minutes. It's fast and probably faster than waiting at your favourite drive-thru restaurant. 

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